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It seems like the done thing these days to have a website, so here’s mine…hopefully in time I will have more to add to it.

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at Cambridge, funded by the Cambridge AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership. My project, supervised by Rae Langton, focuses on the nature of misogynistic speech and how it relates to other kinds of problematic speech. I’m particularly interested in pejoratives, like slurs and insults, and in the relationship between language and shame. My philosophical interests more generally lie in philosophy of language, linguistics, feminist philosophy, meta-ethics and political philosophy.

Before my PhD I did the BPhil, a two year master’s degree in philosophy at Oxford. My thesis, supervised by Tim Williamson, was on the semantics of the word ‘slut’ and the pragmatics of the utterance ‘You’re a slut’. I’m hoping to publish a section of that thesis soon. Before that, I studied PPE at Oxford as an undergraduate.

I am a session leader for the Cambridge University Outreach programme, which aims to widen participation in higher education in the UK. I run workshops with school groups in which we discuss issues like hate speech, free speech, and political injustice. I was a first generation university student, and I am passionate about making higher education more accessible and diverse. I’m always happy to be contacted about outreach work.

You can email me at